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MUSIC CAMP IN LONDON AUGUSTThe team behind French and Music Ensemble

Equipe French and Music Ensemble

Piano, Clémence Jurado

Clémence Jurado is French, lives in Paris where she teaches the piano and chamber music in music schools for more than 10 years. She won the First Prize in piano and in chamber music in the regional conservatoire of Aubervillier (Ile-de-France, Paris)

She studied French literature at University and obtained a masters degree in musicology, in parallel with becoming a professional pianist. She also plays the clarinet and accordion.

She is very creative and loves to link music with art, literature and drama. She creates, writes and produces many musical performances, often with Jheison, from beginning to end (text and music writing, directing, decors, etc). Her last project linked plastic art and music, with the main focus being on the performance, movements and creativity, with children from the music school as well as visual artists, actors and dancers.

Clémence and Jheison are married and have two children, a 2.5 year old boy and a 6 month old girl. They share their passion for music and teaching, by playing, teaching and creating performances together.

During this camp, Clémence will teach the piano, run the singing worshop in French, the active rhythmology drumming workshop, the creative music workshop and help the children to create the final performance.

Wind instruments, Jheison Jurado

JheisonJheison Jurado is Franco-Colombian, lives in Paris and has taught the saxophone and other wind instruments in music schools and in nursery and primary schools for 10 years.

He runs a few bands with children and adults of all grades with different musical styles (classical, jazz, pop and South American music).

He has also won many awards, as a soloist and for best chamber music performance.

During this camp, Jheison will teach wind instruments, run the singing workshop in French, the active rhythmology drumming workshop, the creative music workshop and help the children to create the final performance.

His musical approach is unique, joyful and spontaneous. His passion for music is contagious and he always encourages and brings the best out in children. With him, your children will discover the fun in playing an instrument, while boosting their creativity.

French, Lucie Zalberg

French and Music Ensemble Lucie Zalberg has lived in London for more than 8 years. She studied the piano in Paris in parallel with scientific studies. She has a masters degree in Physics and is now an acoustic consultant in London. She decided to organise this music camp in order to encourage more children to play an instrument, while learning, improving or consolidating their knowledge of French.

During this camp, Lucie will be the main contact between parents and the camp. She will also run the French workshop, look after the children during the breaks and during the other workshops and help with the creation of the final performance.

Lucie is a member of Sound Sense, the UK association for community musicians and is DBS (CRB) checked.