French and Music Ensemble

Omnibus Art Centre

New in London and for only one week this August, French and Music Ensemble is a small music camp in French for 7 to 12 year olds which offers high quality tuition, in a fun  and relaxed environment.

omnibus, Clapham Common

Instruments are mainly the piano and wind instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, oboe, flutes etc. but other instruments can also take part.

Omnibus, Clapham Common

The adult to child ratio of only 6 will allow personal musical and creative development.

Workshops throughout the week will be mainly in large and small groups; ensemble playing and singing, rhythmology drumming, musical creativity, tailor-made French classes and the preparation of the final performance.
Each child will get individual lessons whenever required.

French and Music Ensemble camp is suitable for French and music beginners, as well as advanced musicians and bilingual children.

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For English children, this is an opportunity to be fully immersed in a French environment without leaving the UK, with music teachers coming from Paris for this occasion !

French children will form relationship with English children of the same age group, in London, for an unforgettable week !

This camp is open to 7 to 12 year olds, all levels of music and French language. Beginners are welcome. Children who do not play an instrument can also take part. Tailor-made workshops throughout the week will ensure that no one is left behind !

Typical Day’s Programme


Children will start the day by singing all together and learning new songs in French.

They will then take part in the active rhythmology drumming workshop. Hand drumming and improvising rhythms teach children to learn timing, co-ordination, listening skills and self-expression.

After a break, children will be divided into different groups: instruments and French classes.

After lunch, they will take part in the creative music workshop, where the fundamental skills for artistic creation are developed: creation of soundscape, sound effects, contemporary music playing with instruments, with respiration and breathing exercises.

Children will then be divided into different groups again: instruments (ensemble playing / small groups / individuals) and French classes.

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After the afternoon break, the day will end with a live performance preparation, including choreography, movement exercises, ensemble work, mise en scene and rehearsals.

During the breaks, different activities will be proposed such as board games in French, drawing, relaxation.

On the last day at 4pm, the final performance will take place in the theatre (in the camp premises) in front of parents and friends.

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